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Welcome to Dolphins Class

Meet the staff :



The Dolphin Class is taught by Miss Kinver, and supported by Mrs Robinson.

We are a mixed aged class of Year 1 and Year 2.

Picture 1 Miss Kinver
Picture 2 Mrs Robinson


During the Spring Term, the children will be using our Talk for Writing Skills to learn the traditional tale "The Three Little Pigs". Children will be using actions to help them remember the story. After that, we will think about different characters and wondering what would have happened if the wolf blew down the third house. Finally, children will get the chance to create their story, thinking food chains and who might want to eat different prey. 

Later on in the term, the children will be writing information texts about the history of planes and how they have changed.

Our topics this term is 'How high can we Fly?'


Throughout the term we are going to learn about the invention of powered flight and how it has changed people's lives. We will be learning about Orville and Edgar Wright, the two American brother, inventors and aviation pioneers and what made them famous. 

How has the Wrights Brothers changed people's lives over the past 100 years we wonder?

Later on in the term, we will be developing key map skill through a range of engaging geographical skill based activities. Children will explore a range of maps at a local, national and global level developing their understanding of how to navigate around an atlas. 

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This term, children will have PE on Monday and Thursday afternoons. 

On Wednesday afternoon Dolphins Class will enjoy Outdoor Learning led by Mrs Butterworth.

On Friday afternoon, the children have the chance to choose a library book to take home and share.

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At the beginning of each half term the children in Year 2 will need to complete at least TWO activities from the grid and the children in Year 1 to complete at least ONE activity from the grid. Written work must be presented neatly in your homework book. Creative work can be presented in any way of your choosing. Homework will be discussed on Fridays, but it will not be necessary to bring in the work until the date on the sheet. 


Please find the homework link below: 


We will also spend weekly spellings home every Friday which will be tested on Thursday morning. This will include 6 spellings.



Leaflet about becoming a Y2 in Dolphins Class

Here are some fun websites to play on 

to practice key skills taught in class:

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