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Welcome to Elephants

The Elephants class is taught by Mrs Townsend, and supported by Mrs Austen. We are a mixed age class of Reception and Year 1 pupils.

Picture 1 Mrs Townsend
Picture 2 Mrs Austen


Our topic is 'Would you trade places to live in Brazil?'

Throughout this topic, the children will be learning about the South American country of Brazil. They will explore the colour and excitement of Brazilian life; in P.E., there will be a particular focus on carnival times. We will look at the vibrant work of artists from all around the world before focussing more closely on the artwork of the Brazilian artist Romero Britto. Children will then compare the human and physical features of Brazil and Britain. Part of this will be looking closely at our local environment and completing observational drawings of the surrounding areas. To conclude the unit, children will all be asked to decide if they would rather trade places to live in Brazil or stay in Britain.

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English & Literacy


During the Summer term, the children will use their Talk for Writing skills to learn the story of the Little Red Hen; they will retell the story and explore the feelings of different characters. Throughout the topic, we will learn and explore many other traditional tales, including:

 * Little Red Riding Hood

* The Enormous Turnip

* The Three Little Pigs

* Goldilocks and the Three Bears

* Cinderella

* Hansel and Gretel


To conclude our story-writing, children will tell their favourite story in their own words. We would like to create a class book of their brilliant ideas!


After this, we will be learning poetry (on the theme of birds). The children will use their imagination to write a poem about where they would go if they could fly like a bird.

General information

This term, all children take part in P.E. on Monday afternoons. On Friday morning, Miss Hicks joins the class for outdoor learning!


Library time is timetabled for Wednesday. Children have the opportunity to choose any library book to take home and enjoy. Please ensure your child's library book is returned to the red box in the cloakroom by the following Tuesday.


At the beginning of each half term, all children will be given a homework grid. It is expected that everyone will complete at least ONE activity from the grid. Written work must be presented neatly in homework books. Creative work can be presented in any way of your choosing. Homework will be discussed periodically, but it will not be necessary to bring in the work until the date on the sheet. 




We will also send spellings home weekly. There will be six words to spell which follow a pattern (usually related to spellings of a sound learnt in phonics). Spellings will usually be tested on Thursday morning. It is expected that children will get four spellings correct; if not, they will be asked to learn them again and retested at a later date.

Homework grid for this half term

Times tables


Alongside our daily maths sessions, Year 1 children continue to learn their times tables. We have tried the five times table and the two times table but will need lots more practice yet! We've been chanting whilst following the written multiplication number sentences: 

1x5=5 ("one lot of five is five")

2x5=10 ("two lots of five are ten")


12x5=60 ("twelve lots of five are sixty")




no Keep up the hard work! no

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