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At St Germans School, our intent in maths is for children to feel confident and positive about their maths, to engage actively in mathematical activities, becoming increasingly responsible for their own learning. Our aim is that children build a deep, conceptual understanding of the concepts taught, and are able to apply these in a range of contexts.
Our main planning resources for mathematics come from the White Rose Maths Hub, supplemented by materials from the National Centre for Excellence in the teaching of Mathematics, (NCETM).

Mathematics is taught through a daily lesson, although where possible we also identify opportunities to apply and develop mathematical skills in other curriculum areas and through our cross-curricular topic work. 


We follow the White Rose schemes of learning to ensure progression and coverage for the year is completed. We recognise that in order for pupils to progress to deeper problem solving, children need to be confident and fluent across each yearly objective.

  • Quick fluency lessons are taught daily, consisting of a range of arithmetic questions appropriate to ability. In addition, times tables is taught progressively throughout the school from Year 2.
  • A typical Maths lesson will provide the opportunity for all children to work through a range of fluency, reasoning and problem solving activities using the CPA (conceptual, pictorial, abstract) approach.
  • Through mathematical talk, children will develop the ability to articulate, discuss and explain their thinking.
  • Children have access to a range of familiar manipulatives to support them to access the curriculum and to encourage children to explain their logic and reasoning. To ensure whole consistency and progression, the school uses the DfE approved ‘Power Maths’ books to support learning. This is fully aligned with the White Rose Maths scheme.


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