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Welcome to Penguins Class

The Penguins class is usually taught by Mrs Hudson and is supported by Mrs Robinson and Mrs Baigent.  In the absence of Mrs Hudson Mrs Butterworth is teaching the class. Miss Hicks takes the class on a Friday afternoon for PE and French. 

We are a mixed age class of year 3 and year 4.


We are fortunate to be able to have an additional teacher working alongside Mrs Hudson in the mornings. Miss Sherrell will be taking Year 4 for maths in the Rhino Classroom. This will be of great benefit to all the class because it means that the class size will be halved for maths.

PE will be on Tuesday and Friday afternoons. This will take place outside as often as possible so the children will benefit from having navy track suit trousers in their PE kit.  We have a timetabled library session each week where the children are encouraged to choose a book to borrow and bring home to share with you.


Picture 1 Mrs Hudson
Picture 2 Miss Sherrell
Picture 1 Mrs Baigent

Summer term 2018

This term our topic is Amazing Amazon where we will be learning about the Amazon rainforest and the incredible biodiversity it supports. In Geography we will be researching what rainforests are and where they are located in the world. We will find out how plants are arranged in the rainforest and also learn about the delicacy of the rainforest eco-system. We will investigate the threat to the forest posed by deforestation and discover its causes and possible consequences for humanity.


In Science we will be investigating sound in the topic Listen Up! We will identify how sounds are made when an object vibrates and that we hear sounds when the vibrations travel from source through a medium to our ears. We will find patterns between the pitch and volume of a sound and understand that sound travels slower than light. We will investigate sound-proofing materials by planning and conducting a fair test.


In English we will be using The Hodgeheg by Dick King-Smith to identify key aspects of writing successful adventure stories. We will then use this knowledge to plan and write our own Adventure stories.



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Spring Term 2018


Out topic this term will be From Source to Sea. We will become river explorers, finding out about the Rivers Tiddy and Tamar and their surroundings. We will learn about settlement changes and economic activity near these rivers. We will study the Water Cycle and the effects of weather on the river.

In English we will be reading, writing and performing poetry with plant or river themes.

In Computing we will be creating an animation of the Water Cycle.

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Autumn Term 2017


Our topic this term is called "Were the Dark ages Dark?". We will be taking an exciting journey back in time to when the Vikings ruled our lands. We will be learning about life in Britain at this time, finding out about how the Vikings lived, fought, and the legacies that they left behind. We will find out about the prominent people of the time e.g. King Alfred the Great. We will also learn about the way the Vikings travelled and why they travelled from their homelands.

In Science we will be exploring forces and magnets which will link to our work in geography where we will be looking at the compass directions. We will also investigate where else in the world the Vikings settled with particular emphasis on Iceland.


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At the beginning of each half term the children should complete at least three activities from the grid. Written work must be presented neatly in your homework book. Creative work can be presented in any way of your choosing. Homework will be discussed on Fridays, but it will not be necessary to bring in the work until the date on the sheet.


Please find the homework link below:


We will also spend weekly spellings home every Friday which will be tested on Thursday morning. Don't forget to logon to Mathletics each week.

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