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The Penguins class is taught by Mrs Hudson and is supported by Mrs Barrett,  Mrs Robinson and Mrs Baigent. Miss Hicks takes the class on a Friday afternoon for RE and French.  On alternate Wednesday afternoons Mrs Willmott teaches music and Mrs Oldfield teaches Art.

We are a mixed age class of year 3 and year 4.

We are fortunate to be able to have an additional teacher working alongside Mrs Hudson in the mornings. Miss Sherrell will be taking Year 4 for maths in the Rhino Classroom. This will be of great benefit to all the class because it means that the class size will be halved for maths.

PE will be on Monday and Tuesday afternoons. This will take place outside as often as possible so the children will benefit from having navy track suit trousers in their PE kit. For the second half of the spring term one of our PE sessions will be swimming and this will be on a Monday. We have a timetabled library session each week where the children are encouraged to choose a book to borrow and bring home to share with you.


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Summer Term Topic - Set in Stone

This term the penguins will investigate and learn about the lives of the early Britons and settlers, including those who lived during the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages. The children will have opportunities to consider how and why the ways of life adopted by prehistoric people slowly changed over time. They will begin to understand that these changes took place many thousands of years ago and that we cannot always be precise about dates in a prehistoric era.

Children will explore; who the first people that lived in the British Isles were and how we know about them; the differences that developing farming made to the lives of early people; how creative the early people were and what they left behind and the similarities and differences between the lives of early people and of our own.

There will be creative opportunities and these will include; producing cave paintings, composing and performing prehistoric music and designing a summer shelter for a nomadic hunter-gather family.

Science this term will be Animals including humans - where among other things they wwill learn about the human digestive system. and Plants - where they will learn about what plants need to grow and thrive.


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Spring Term Overview

Spring Term Overview 1

Leaflet about Penguins Class

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