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Welcome to Turtles

The Turtles Class is taught by Mrs Oldfield, supported by Mrs Evans, we are a mixed age class of Year 5 and Year 6 pupils.

 We work hard in Turtles Class, but we also have lots of fun!



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Picture 2 Mrs Evans

 Spring Term 2019


Our topic this term is The Ancient Greeks. We will identify what modern society has learned from the Greeks and how their culture can still influence us with ideas today. 

In English we will be studying myths and how the Greeks used these stories to explain the world around them. We will write our own myths to explain natural phenomena and also use the myths as sources for journalistic writing.

In History we will be studying Ancient Greek civilisation and reflecting on how our civilisation is connected through sport, art, architecture, philosophy and theatre. We will learn about the two great city states of Athens and Sparta and compare the different ways of life for children in each state.

 In Geography we will be studying island life and making a comparative study between the Aegean islands and The Hebrides, identifying the differences between two groups of islands.

Our art work will involve studying Greek pottery and vases and the stories depicted on them, then designing and making our own clay pots and decorating them with scenes from mythology. 

Our Science learning will focus on the Earth and Space. We will learn about the relationship of Earth to the Sun and the Moon,the rotation of the Earth and why we have night and day and also why we have seasons. We will also learn about the other planets in our solar system. During the second half of the term we will focus on materials, investigating reversible and irreversible change.

It promises to be another exciting topic.




PE - PE will be taught on Mondays by Plymouth Argyle and on Thursdays by Miss Kinver, please ensure that pupils have appropriate PE kit in school on these days.












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