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Welcome to Turtles

The Turtles Class is taught by Mrs Oldfield, supported by Mrs Evans, we are a mixed age class of Year 5 and Year 6 pupils.

 We work hard in Turtles Class, but we also have lots of fun!



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 Autumn Term 2018


Our topic this term is The Battle of Britain. We will find out what it was like to be a child in Britain during Word War Two and about the importance of the Battle of Britain.

We will begin by learning about the causes and early stages of the war and then find out about the evacuation of children from the cities and how difficult this was for both children and parents. We will then learn about the devastating effects of The Blitz and study the Battle of Britain and find out the important role that RADAR had to play. 

In English the pupils will write evacuees diaries and stories about " The night the bomb fell". We will support this learning by reading the novel "Goodnight Mr Tom" and watching the TV drama of the book. The pupils will also research and write biographies for leading figures of the time e.g Winston Churchill. War time propaganda posters will provide a stimulus for persuasive writing and art.

Our Science learning will focus on Forces and the study of Light, in the WW2 context we will find out what a Spitfire pilot could see, how searchlights used reflective light and why the blackout was so important.

Later in the term, to link with the 100 Years commemoration, we will focus on a short topic about World War 1, using the novels of Michael Morpurgo; War Horse and Private peaceful as a stimulus. 

It promises to be an interesting and exciting topic.


If you have any artefacts or family memorabilia connected with either of the wars that you feel would support our learning please let me know. We would also love to hear from anyone who was a child during World War Two and would welcome them to visit the class, if you have any friends or relatives who would be prepared to share their memories again please let me know. 


PE - PE will be taught on Mondays by Plymouth Argyle and on Thursdays by Miss Kinver, please ensure that pupils have appropriate PE kit in school on these days.












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