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Welcome to Turtles

The Turtles Class is taught by Mrs Oldfield, supported by Mrs Baigent, we are a mixed age class of Year 5 and Year 6 pupils.

 We work hard in Turtles Class, but we also have lots of fun!



Picture 1 Mrs Oldfield
Picture 2 Mrs Baigent

 Summer Term 2019


We are pleased to welcome Miss Francis to Turtles Class this term. Miss Francis is a P.G.C.E, final placement, student teacher at Plymouth University and she will be teaching alongside Mrs Oldfield.


Our topic this term is "A Voyage of Discovery". We will be learning about Charles Darwin and his voyage on HMS Beagle and his resulting theories about evolution.

Our Science work will focus on the variety of life on Earth and how creatures and plants have adapted to survive in different environments. We will also find out about the life and work of prominent naturalists and their theories about how life began on Earth. 

In English we will be learning about the life of Charles Darwin and writing a biography. We will imagine his voyage  on The Beagle and write recounts of the crew's experiences in the form of letters and journal entries. To link with our science work about evolution and adaption we will be writing "Just So" style stories to explain the characteristics of certain animals.

We will use Google Earth to plot Darwin's voyage and learn about the geographical features and different environments that he encountered. It promises to be a fascinating and enjoyable topic.



During the week beginning May 13th, Year 6 will take their SATs Tests.

A time table is posted below.

We will be holding a SATs Breakfast Club for Year 6 pupils in the hall, from 8-15am, on the mornings of the SATs. This will provide a relaxed start to the day and give the pupils time to chat with their friends and settle any last minute nerves. The breakfast club proved very successful last year and most pupils took up the opportunity, more details will follow in a letter.


Barton Hall Residential Visit

Our much anticipated residential visit will take place between Sunday June 16th and Wednesday June 19th. A meeting for parents and pupils will be held in the Turtles Classroom at 3-30pm on Thursday May 2nd.

The kit list is below.



PE - PE will be taught on Mondays by Plymouth Argyle and on Thursdays by Miss Francis, please ensure that pupils have appropriate PE kit in school on these days.












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SATs Timetable 2019

SATs Timetable 2019 1
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