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30-Day Art/DT Challenge for Children

Day 1: Design and make your own boat that will float on water.

Day 2: Draw a butterfly with exotic colours.

Day 3: Make your own puppet using a sock.

Day 4: Design the best parachute to protect a boiled egg.

Day 5: Make your own kite.

Day 6: Make a planet using paper Mache.

Day 7:  Design a face mask for yourself.

Day 8: Make your own rocket using empty paper rolls.

Day 9: Use marshmallows and toothpicks to build your own 3D shape.

Day 10: Draw your family picture on a poster.

Day 11: Write your name with play dough.

Day 12: Build something you would find in the polar regions using things you can find in your home.

Day 13:Draw your own superhero with special powers.

Day 14: Use building blocks or Lego to build a sculpture.

Day 15: Make a squishy with a balloon and toothpaste.

Day 16: Make a den in your house using fabric, cushions and other furniture.

Day 17: Make your own monster bookmark.

Day 18: Design your own Easter egg. You can do this on paper or paint a real egg.

Day 19: Collect some nature things from outside and draw these in your book.

Day 20: Make a spider with pipe cleaners.

Day 21: Write a hilarious poem using bubble writing.

Day 22: Draw a picture of yourself and then label all the body parts of the body.

Day 23: Make your own glittery slime.

Day 24: Draw an illustration for your own story.

Day 25: Collect photos of your family and make a family tree.

Day 26: Paint rocks and turn them into animals

Day 27:  Make your own board game.

Day 28: Create a poster showing healthy and unhealthy food.

Day 29: Make your own paper plate nest.

Day 30: Make a castle using an empty cereal box.