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Week starting 11.5.2020

Did you watch the VE day celebrations?

Maybe  you made some flags to hang outside your house or perhaps you had a little family celebration?

This week in Art I would like you to design a special VE day teacup to commemorate the occasion. If you can't print off the worksheet, then just draw your own outline of a cup

Do post a picture of your finished cups on Dojo so I can see them

Week starting 4.5.2020

Viking clothes

Watch the video about Viking clothes below.

Then research Viking fashion and have a go at designing your own Viking clothes. You could think about what your role is and  which clothes would be appropriate for you to wear.

Remember to think about your Viking's importance.

Draw or paint a picture of the outfit.

For a real challenge could you dress up as a Viking using things from around your house. You could make accessories to go with your outfit (don't forget to use your shield if you made one!)

If you do I would love to see a photo of you dressed up...maybe give yourself a Viking name too!

Week starting 27.4.2020

Here are some pictures of Viking shields made by children.

See if you can find some pictures of shields online.

Can you design one for yourself?

Why not try to make it out of cardboard and anything else you can find at home.

Don't forget to send me a picture of the finished shield in your Dojo portfolio

Week staring 20.4.2020

Can you create a collage of a Viking Longship?

In this picture they have used toilet rolls for sails, string, old cardboard, coloured paper, paint and crayons.

I wonder what else you could use?

Send me a photo on Class Dojo when you have finished