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Autumn Term


Topic Overview 

Throughout the Autumn Term we are going to be learning about The Great Fire of London. 

Within our History lessons, we will be looking at what London looked like before The Great Fire and how it has changed since. 

We will be looking at the first 5 days of the fire more closely and learning about what might have caused it to be one of the greatest fires our capital city has ever seen. 




We will be starting our English with Performance Poetry. This will involve learning a poem off by heart based on The Great Fire of London using actions and expression. 

Later on in the term, we will be writing a Non-Chronological report based on the facts that we have learnt during the first couple of weeks. We will be revising the structure of a non-fiction piece of writing including titles, sub-headings, fronted adverbials and factual information. 

Science KIRFS 

Some materials can be absorbent.

Not all materials can absorb water and these materials are good for using in buildings. 

Waterproof materials rebound water the inside of things dry. 

Manmade materials are made by people and natural materials come from plants, animals or the ground. 

Some materials are impervious to water.

Properties of materials change when heated. 

History KIRFS


The Great Fire of London started in a bakery in 1666.

The fire burned for 4 days and burnt over 13,000 homes. 

They put the fire out by pulling down houses and blew up houses o create a firebreak.

Samuel Pepys kept diaries at the time.

Sir Christopher Wren designed a monument to remember The Great Fire of London.