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Who's who?

Avocets class is taught by Mr Gray. 

Mrs Robinson helps support the children in Avocets class with their learning. 




Spring Term 2022 - Vikings and Anglo-Saxons 



This term we will be learning about the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons. The children will learn who the Vikings were as well as when and where they raided and settled. They will learn about significant events from the period and order these chronologically on a timeline. The children will find out about the Anglo-Saxon kings who ruled during the 'Viking Age' and examine their influence and significance in British history. In addition to this, they will learn about the Anglo-Saxon justice system and compare and contrast crimes, punishments and laws with their modern day equivalents. The children will also have the opportunity to learn about different aspects of everyday Viking life. They will explore the types of houses that the Vikings lived in, what clothes they wore and even what types of food they ate.


History KIRFS (Key information Recall Facts)



  • The Vikings came from the area of the modern Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Norway and Sweeden)
  • The Vikings first arrived in Britain in 787AD.
  • The Kings of Anglo Saxon Britain each ruled their own kingdom and the people in it. They also controlled their own army.
  • King Alfred was the first Anglo – Saxon King to defeat the Vikings in battle.
  • The Vikings wrote using characters from an alphabet called the Futhark.
  • The Vikings believed that their chief god Odin lived in Valhalla. This was a type of heaven where warriors who had died bravely in battle would go.

Science KIRFS (Key Information Recall Facts) 


  • Everything in the Solar System revolves around the Sun. 
  • The Sun is a star – a massive ball of hot gas that gives off light and heat
  • There are eight planets that orbit around the Sun. They are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.
  • The Earth rotates as it orbits the Sun. It takes one day to complete a rotation.
  • It takes 365 days for the Earth to complete one circuit around the Sun. We call this a year.
  • We are held onto the surface of the Earth by a force called gravity. This is the same  force that keeps the Earth and the other planets orbiting  around the Sun.



At some point each half term the children should complete at least three activities from the homework grid. Written work must be presented neatly in your homework book. Creative work can be presented in any way of your choosing. 


Please find link to the homework grid below:


We will also send weekly spellings home every Friday which will be tested on the following Friday morning. Don't forget to also log on to Mathletics each week.


General Information 

PE is on Monday and Tuesday afternoons. This takes place outside as often as possible so the children will benefit from having navy track suit trousers in their PE kit. 

We have a timetabled library session each week where the children are encouraged to choose a book to borrow and bring home to share with you.


Avocets Science Lesson on magnetism.

Avocets Bridge Building

To kick off our Railways topic, Avocets were challenged to build a bridge using 10 drinking straws, 2 pieces of string and some sellotape. We tested the strength of the bridge by placing cars on it.

Our Learning

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Avocets have enjoyed learning to play the Djembe drums.

Our learning.

VIP presentations

Times Tables

The children need daily practice of their times tables as they are expected to know all of their times tables up to 12x12 by the end of Year 4.

For the first time this year, the government have introduced a statutory times tables test for Year 4 children which will take place in the Summer term. 



Y4 Times Tables Test information for parents

Try this online tables test against the clock

Tips for practicing Times Tables

Simple ways to make spelling fun

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