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Ceramics at Port Eliot 2013

Turtles Class were invited to take part in two days of exciting, creative workshops at Port Eliot Estate, in connection with the "Marking the Line" exhibition. We had a fantastic time, here are some of our comments.

" I enjoyed the ceramics because it allowed me to be creative with a substance that I haven't used before. It was a learning curve. Thank you Corina and Cathy."     Louis Year 6

" The activity I enjoyed most was going to The Bowling Green, sitting down and listening to the different sounds and recording them."   Eva  Year 6

"The most fun thing for me was when we had to sketch the scenery. I loved this because it was nice to sit down with friends and draw the beautiful scenery together" David Year 6

" On our visit to Port Eliot, I really enjoyed the ceramics, I also enjoyed sketching, playing games in the sunshine with Laura and having a picnic on the lawn. It was a fantastic trip!" Poppy Year 6

" I enjoyed making the clay models, because it was fun pinching the clay" Finlay Year 5

" I absolutely loved the nature concert, the egg boxes bit, the Nursery rhymes and the blind fold bit. I loved the outdoors activities. I also loved doing the ceramics, making stuff out of clay. It was an amazing 2 days! Monique Year 5 

" The best bit of my exciting two days at Port Eliot was doing pottery with Corina and Cathy. I found it fantastic. Henry Year 5

" I really enjoyed it when we were taught about the pinch pots with Corina and Cathy, they made it fun and enjoyable. I also liked the sketching, because you could draw freely whilst chatting to your friends" Freya Year 6

" My favourite part about visiting Port Eliot was describing how to get to a place by attaching things you find to a stick with string, I also loved doing ceramics with Cathy and Corina, I made an elephant, a clock and a bowl. Hannah Year 5

" The best parts, I think, were when I did the clay making, when we drew pictures of the house and the room with the bike and the pictures on the wall." Freddie Year 6
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