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Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact


St Germans School Primary Curriculum

Curriculum Intent

At St Germans Primary School, our curriculum is designed to encourage our pupils to develop a love of learning and to become confident, independent learners, inquisitive about the world around them.

Teamwork and responsibility are an essential part of our curriculum. We value the views of our pupils and listen to their ideas and opinions. We enable children to become involved within the local community, celebrating local traditions and taking an active part in events throughout the year.

We recognise the importance of the children having a wider Global perspective. Our commitment to being an Eco School and Fairtrade School are embedded into our curriculum. We are determined to be outward looking and to equip our children to have an understanding of our changing world.

Encouraging positive behaviour for learning is fundamental in developing children who want to learn for themselves and who want to find out more. We want our children to learn the skills to face challenges successfully enabling them to grow into resilient and resourceful learners.

Our curriculum enables us to celebrate diversity, encourage respect and build a sense of community. It provides and acknowledges success for all children, in all aspects of their development and it recognises, encourages and celebrates all types of talent.

We believe that a healthy, safe and caring environment is a precursor to raising achievement and attainment. We are committed to promoting good lifestyle choices such as healthy eating and physical activity. We support not only the children’s academic achievement, but also their physical, emotional and social development.

We provide a highly inclusive environment where learners enjoy their education and pupils at all levels are helped to achieve their potential. Those who are most able are challenged and encouraged to expand their skills and knowledge through varied curriculum opportunities.  Those who find learning more difficult are given targeted support to embed skills, to develop at their own pace and to learn in a style that best suits their individual needs

At St Germans Primary School, we aim to:

  • Provide a broad, engaging and relevant curriculum.
  • Provide a caring and supportive environment in which children will flourish
  • Promote positivity, happiness and self-esteem amongst the children we teach
  • Meet the needs of every child.
  • Provide the children with the skills to face challenges successfully and to become resilient and resourceful learners.

Curriculum Implementation

Alongside the core subjects of English, Mathematics & Science, we highly value our wider curriculum, covering all other aspects of the National Curriculum. This wider curriculum is organised into topic based units of learning with cross-curricular learning where meaningful links can be made with other subjects. Wherever possible, reading, writing and Maths activities are linked across lessons and reading is used continuously to discover and explore. The same quality of work is expected across all subjects, leading to higher standards and outcomes.

All units of learning will have an entry based launch or hook to excite and engage the children and to give a purpose for study so that learning is meaningful and relevant. Pupils have the opportunity to contribute their own ideas and knowledge to topics. Where possible, learning will be supported and enriched by field study, visits, workshops, artefact boxes, role-play and practical resources. Opportunities for links with outdoor learning are utilised when possible.

Progression of knowledge, skills and understanding is carefully planned, reviewed and adapted annually to ensure that children’s learning builds effectively over time and ensuring that children are ready to meet the expectations of secondary school.

Pupil progress is measured through ongoing assessment and through three key assessment points during the year. Work is planned to address misconceptions and gaps in learning identified through assessments to ensure that the curriculum effectively meets the needs of all pupils.


In implementing our curriculum, we are committed to the following key statements:

  • Planning is sequential with lessons built through a series of steps that build upon prior knowledge
  • Progression statements for each subject ensure that pupils are able to build upon prior knowledge and skills
  • Children develop vocabulary and knowledge in the subjects they learn
  • Lessons reflect the needs of all pupils with appropriate levels of challenge including the more-able and those with SEND
  • Children ‘s memory skills are improved so that they can recall key facts in a topic
  • Assessment is used effectively to check understanding and to help children embed and use knowledge fluently
  • The broad curriculum offers extra activities that inspire and motivate children


Curriculum Impact

The impact of the school’s curriculum can be seen through the outcomes of all groups of pupils and the work they produce.

We expect that:

  • All children will make good progress from their individual starting points academically, emotionally, creatively, socially and physically.
  • Children will take pride in all that they do, motivated to do their best and with confidence in their own abilities and their work across the curriculum is of high quality
  • Knowledge, understanding and skills will be secured and embedded so that children attain highly and are fully prepared for secondary school.
  • Children have good communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Children listen respectfully and with tolerance to the views of others.
  • Children demonstrate emotional resilience and the ability to persevere when they meet challenge.
  • Children with SEND achieve the best possible outcomes
  • Children demonstrate inclusive attitudes and have a sense of their role in wider society
  • Children are ready for the next phase of their education