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Daily Maths


Keep doing your mathletics daily

Times Tables

Use this link to practice your times tables against the clock

Maths Challenges

If you are completing your maths easily you might want to have a go at some of these maths challenges

Follow the link and choose a challenge. Let us know how you get on. You could do a video of yourself explaining your answer or take a photo of your work

Maths to Take Your Time Over - these activities are worth exploring over a few days or even a few weeks. Many of them are ‘low threshold high ceiling’, meaning they are easy to get started on, and they can be extended so may keep someone absorbed for a long time! Learners can keep coming back to the same activity, mulling ideas over in between periods of focused thinking, and recording their ideas and findings, whether independently or with support from you. Some low threshold high ceiling activities are appropriate over a range of ages so could be explored by several members of the family together.