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Welcome to Dolphins!


The Dolphins class is taught by Mrs Hudson and is helped by teaching assistant Miss Newton. We are a mixed age class of year 1 and year 2 children . The year 1 children are given plenty of opportunities to work alongside the year 1 children in the Elephants class.

Our topic, this term, is "Keen to be Green" as always, we will have lots of interesting discussions about how we can be "green."
In science we will be finding out about how plants grow and after half term we will be looking at plants and animals in our local environment. We will be considering how we can care for plants and animals without harming the environment that they grow and live in.

In geography we will be learning about seaside holidays we will look at the activities we do on a seaside holiday. We will learn about the features of a coastal environment and find out about which things are man made. Later this year we are hoping to take a trip to a beach to see some of the physical features for ourselves. We will also be able to link it to our science and look to see what plants and animals make the seaside their home.

In literacy we will be learning about what makes a good fantasy story and writing fantasy stories based on Where The Wild Things Are. Later in the term we will look at how to write instructions we will link that to our science and caring for plants.

After half term our seaside theme continues into our history when we will be considering the similarities and differences between holidays in the past and holidays today. 

Picture 1 Our Rainforest
Picture 2 We enjoyed researching rainforest habitats
Picture 3 We enjoy creating interesting displays
Picture 4 Rainforest Habitats
Picture 5 Enjoying Maths
Picture 6 Working together