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The Elephants class is usually taught by Mrs. Kenway, assisted by Mrs. Austen. 


Mrs Kenway is currently away from school and her class is being taught by Miss Crabb:


We are a mixed Foundation and Year One classroom with both age groups working together in a flexible and dynamic setting.

Foundation Stage:

Enabling Environments:
We operate a freeflow system allowing the children to benefit from both the outdoor and the indoor spaces, where they explore and investigate in enabling environments.




Positive Relationships:
All of our children learn to be strong and independent individuals through the formation of positive relationships with both staff and children alike.

A Unique Child:
We understand that all children are unique. They all learn in different ways and bring different experiences to the classroom. It is our aim to ensure that every child is supported in a variety of ways and encouraged to reach their full potential.

Year One:

There are plenty of opportunities for the younger Year One Elephants to work alongside the older Year One Dolphins. Some of the subjects that they enjoy together are Phonics, Guided Reading, Handwriting and ICT. Playtimes are always together giving your child the opportunity to socialise with their peers.




Forest School:
Throughout the year, all the Elephants spend time in the woodland area of the school. This is called 'Forest School' and for the afternoon, the woods become our classroom, where our learning continues.



Curriculum Support for Parents:
At the beginning of the year, Foundation Stage parents will be invited to a talk about Reading and Year One parents will be invited to a talk on Phonics and the Phonics Screening Check. These aim to provide parents with the confidence to support their children at home.  

Maths Week:
We have recently had lots of fun during 'Maths Week' looking at maths through art. Our theme for the week was 2D shape. We looked at the artwork by artist Piet Mondrian, who used squares and rectangles to create his art. We created our own pieces of art in the same style.


We have also been looking at the Mr. Men and Little Miss books by Roger Hargreaves. The characters come in many different shapes, sizes and colours. As well as looking at the different characters, we have been busy designing our own Mr. Men and Little Miss, each with their own unique characteristics.



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