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The school follows the 2014 National curriculum . Cross curricular links to topic choices are actively undertaken whenever appropriate, providing relevant links and maintaining children’s interest.  Writing is developed to convey meaning and express thoughts, ideas and opinions for a range of purposes and through a variety of media. The school actively promotes the use of the Talk for Writing method.
From an early age children develop their reading through the teaching of daily, high quality phonic work . The school follows the Letters and Sounds Programme of Study alongside Jolly Phonics.  
Spelling is taught regularly from Y2 upwards.
We have a well-equipped library with a range of fiction and non-fiction books for the children to read. Our  colour banded reading books cover a wide range of interests, enabling children to  maintain interest and make good progress
Weekly Guided reading sessions further develop the children’s skills, developing their reading skills across a range of genres.
Every March the children enjoy World  Book Day involving a range of exciting  activities based upon an agreed theme. We usually enjoy dressing up for this fun day!