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How do we become great at handwriting?


We develop our fine motor skills.

  • Funky fingers activities 
  • Dough disco
  • Write Dance 
  • Outdoor chalking and mark making
  • Construction
  • lego therapy

These activities strengthen our fine motor skills enabling us to hold a pencil.


We practise holding a pencil using nip, flip and grip.



We enjoy being given lots of opportunities to write; using a variety of mediums and context indoors and outside the classroom.


We practise holding our pencil correctly.

This is called a dynamic tripod grip.                          

We are taught how to correctly form letters.


This year, as a whole school team, we have introduced the 'write well' handwriting scheme. The scheme aims to develop a child's ability to follow the correct sequence of movement to form letters.The lowercase letters are introduced in five motion-inspired ‘letter families’. 


To develop your child's handwriting we would love you to partner with us and encourage them to practise forming their letters at home; using the correct pencil grip and sequence of movement. The document below outlines the correct letter formation.