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Hello Penguins.


The children in school have made a good start on their projects this week. Most people have completed their front cover and mind map. Some people have done more.


Here are some tips for writing your project:

        yes Design an eye catching front cover to show what your project is about.

        yes Draw a mind map to show the different sections in your project. There are examples below.

        yes Think about the layout of each page. Do you need sub-headings? Would bullet points make                 things clearer? Do you need a picture or diagram with labels?

        yes Always check your spellings.

        yes Use neat handwriting.

        yes Check your facts. Your project should be factual, and not your opinion. Check your facts and                 figures on the internet.

        yes Use your own words. Do not copy paragraphs from books or the internet. Use your own                         words to describe what you have found out.          

         yes Have fun! If you are passionate about your project it will make it interesting for your readers.


          Good Luck! Let us know how you're getting on on Class Dojo.

          Mrs Down and Mrs Marshall




Weekly Learning Grid 1/6/20

Suggested Daily Learning Routine

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Keep Active

Try to do some daily exercise:

Here is a link for some fun games to keep you active at home


Here are a few free workouts from Jumpstart Jonny

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