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Kingfisher Y6

              Welcome to Kingfisher Class

Kingfisher Class is taught by Mrs Smith, supported by Mrs Baigent and Miss Robertson. 

In Year 6, we work hard, but we also have lots of fun! smiley


General Information


PE is every Monday, and we will try to be outside, so the children need to be prepared! Normal school PE kit with a warm top/tracksuit bottoms (navy) would be advisable.

On Wednesday, we have forest school in the afternoon. 




Homework in Year 6 will consist of spellings, reading, maths questions (linked to current learning), and mathletics, all of which are ongoing activities. This homework will be given out on Friday and is due in every Wednesday. Spellings will be tested on Friday morning. All of these activities are on on google classroom and spellodrome/mathletics.


In addition, the homework grid below contains extra activities, which can be completed throughout each half term. The children need to complete 3 activities and colour these in when they are finished. The children will have a chance to show their progress with this every Friday. If you would rather choose one lengthy activity, that is absolutely fine.


Please find below the overview for this topic, and the homework grid for this half term.

Autumn Term 2021


The Victorians

Welcome back to school!  We hope you are ready for an incredible new learning adventure filled with excitement and fun!

This Autumn Term, we travel back to one of the most fascinating periods in British History, as we cover various aspects of the Victorian era. We will start Year 6 by learning about Queen Victoria, before finding out about the Industrial Revolution, researching amazing Victorian Inventions, as well as finding out about Victorian school life, home life and workhouses.


Do you know what everyday life like for the ordinary people living in the 1800s?  Have you heard of the Penny Black?  What type of food were known as 'little bags of mystery' in Victorian Times?


Did you know that in the Victorian Era about 15 million people emigrated from Great Britain to other countries, mostly to the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa?


Get ready to ride on that steam train to start our learning adventure!



Plan for Autumn Term 1

Summer Term 2021


Voyage of Discovery


Ship Ahoy! We’re off on an exciting expedition with Charles Darwin and his crew on HMS Beagle. Can you trace his route across the vast ocean? Stop at the magical Galápagos Islands to see the amazing species that helped Darwin develop his theory of evolution by natural selection. Do you know what’s so special about a lava lizard? Or why the blue-footed booby has blue feet? See how animals adapt to their environment over time and meet some of the world’s greatest explorers and naturalists. Imagine how humans will evolve in millions of years. It’s a scary thought!

Ready to trace the origin of species? Let’s set sail!

Summer Term Overview

Homework Grid - Summer 2

Summer Term 2

Learning in Summer Term 1

Spring Term 2021



Well done Kingfishers. You have all worked incredibly hard and i am very proud of all your efforts this term.

We have learnt so much, from learning about all aspects of World War One, creative art and design, to writing narratives based on War Horse, to electricity, forces and building our very own festive light up decoration, we have been busy learning and having fun! 

Below are just a couple of photos to showcase some our work this term...

The Great War - AUTUMN 2020

Batten down the hatches - this term we are investigating the history of World War 1! We are discovering what led to the start of one of the largest wars in history. We will explore what life was like for the soldiers on the front line, as well as what life was like at home for the women and children who kept Britain running. We will be asking:


Have you ever wondered if there were any benefits to war?

Do you know how this war started? How it ended?


We will be looking at different historical sources and judging if they are good sources of information, before attempting to create our own newspaper report. We will be reading the award winning text, War Horse, to support our topic.


Finally, we will be researching into how things changed over the course of the war, for example, the use of animals, medicine and technology.


Let’s discover the real facts behind the war; we have lots to learn and discover! 

AUTUMN TERM TOPIC OVERVIEW 2020 (you all have a copy of this)

AUTUMN 2 - World War One Homework


The children will continue to develop their mental fluency skills (times tables and arithmetic) as well as their written skills solving the four operations, with a particular emphasis on learning mastery images and models to support their learning in greater depth. The next four weeks will focus particularly on place value and number.

We will also place great emphasis on mathematics enrichment, so the children are able to understand how to problem solve, and how to apply maths concepts to other areas of the curriculum.



This term, we will continue with our 'Talk for Writing' approach, enabling the children to demonstrate their developing skills, knowledge and creativity

using the novel 'Kensuke's Kingdom' as a stimuli. We will continue our guided reading/comprehension and also daily spelling investigations to unpick the tricky rules the children need to learn.

In addition, the children will have the opportunity to revise and learn all the grammar terms, mostly through discreet daily teaching.


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