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              Welcome to Kingfisher Class

Kingfisher Class is taught by Mrs Smith, supported by Mrs Baigent and Miss Robertson. 

In Year 6, we work hard, but we also have lots of fun! smiley


General Information

PE is every Monday and Tuesday and we will try to be outside, so the children need to be prepared! Normal school PE kit with a warm top/tracksuit bottoms (navy) would be advisable.



Homework in Year 6 will consist of spellings, reading, maths questions (linked to current learning), and mathletics, all of which are ongoing activities. 


In addition, the homework grid below contains extra activities, which can be completed throughout each half term.The children will have a chance to show their progress with this every Friday. 

Autumn Term 2021


The Victorians

This Autumn Term, we travel back to one of the most fascinating periods in British History, as we cover various aspects of the Victorian era. We will start Year 6 by learning about Queen Victoria, before finding out about the Industrial Revolution, researching amazing Victorian Inventions, as well as finding out about Victorian school life, home life and workhouses.


Do you know what everyday life like for the ordinary people living in the 1800s?  Have you heard of the Penny Black?  What type of food were known as 'little bags of mystery' in Victorian Times?


Did you know that in the Victorian Era about 15 million people emigrated from Great Britain to other countries, mostly to the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa?





HISTORY KIRFS (key information recall facts) AUTUMN 2 


  • Quality of life during the Victorian times depended on whether you were rich or poor.
  • Wealthy Victorians enjoyed a good and easy life.

    Poor Victorians had a rough and hard life, often ending up in the workhouse or early death.

  • Poor children were forced to work in terrible conditions in factories, mills, as chimney sweeps and as servants.

  • Dr Barnardo and Lord Shaftesbury helped to change the law to protect children  

  • In 1844, ragged schools were introduced and very poor children could attend school for 6  half days per week

  • Sir Robert Peel was Prime Minister twice during the Victorian times. He introduced the modern police force.




  • An electrical circuit is a path that an electrical current can flow around.
  • Electrical symbols can be used to create electrical circuit diagrams

  • A current is the  flow of electrons, measured in amps.

  • An amp is how electric current is measured.

  • Voltage is the force that makes the electric current move through the wires.

  • The greater the electrical voltage, the more current will flow.

Plan for Autumn Term 2


Homework Autumn 2

Summer Term 2

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