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Lapwings Y2

Lapwing Class is taught by Mrs Townsend (Monday-Wednesday) and

Miss Beaman (Thursday-Friday). 

Miss Eastmond and Mrs Basterfield support the children with their learning.

General Information

Miss Beaman will teach P.E. every Friday. Wherever possible, this will be outside. In order to be prepared, P.E. kit (consisting of white t-shirt, navy blue shorts and suitable footwear that children can fasten themselves) should be in school every day. Warm top/tracksuit bottoms (navy) would also be advisable for the Autumn term.


Miss Jenkins will teach Forest School on Monday afternoons. A letter will be sent to advise on suitable clothing. 

Autumn Term 2020

Great Communicators

 This topic will introduce children to some of the pioneers who changed the way we communicate.

Children will begin this topic by comparing the uses of written maps and online versions, such as Google Earth, to learn more about the area around their home and school. They will then find out find out about the work of William Caxton and Tim Berners-Lee, and explore how their inventions have changed the way we access information.


How are books made? Has it always been the same?

Who invented the internet?

How did people keep in touch before computers?


During the Autumn Term, the children will be using their Talk for Writing Skills to learn the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. They will create wanted posters and character descriptions, then consider the story from different viewpoints. Linking more closely to topic work, children will also engage in activities focused on the use of telegrams, codes and letters to explore story characters more thoroughly. After this, they will rewrite the story into their versions.

Following the narrative work, children will be learning about non-chronological reports. They will compare the methods of communicating that they have learnt about in History and create a short report about their findings.

Times tables

Alongside our daily maths sessions, children will be continuing to learn their times tables. In Year 2, children will recap their 2, 5 and 10 times tables. The three times table will be introduced later in the year. This will be in the form of chanting whilst following written multiplication number sentences: 

1x3=3 ("one lot of three is three")

2x3=6 ("two lots of three are six")


12x3=36 ("twelve lots of three are thirty-six")



At the beginning of each half term, children in Year 2 will be given a homework grid. They need to complete at least TWO activities from the grid over the course of the half term. Written work must be presented neatly in their homework books. Creative work can be presented in any way. Homework will be discussed on Fridays, but it will not be necessary to bring in the work until the date on the sheet. 


Children will also need to complete weekly spellings and Mathletics activities.


Please find the homework grid below: 


Homework Grid Lapwings Autumn 1 2020

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