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Our aim is for children to feel confident and positive about their maths, to engage actively in mathematical activities, becoming increasingly responsible for their own learning, and to develop understanding of how and when to apply the skills and concepts they have learned.
Our main planning resources for mathematics come from the White Rose Maths Hub, supplemented by other activities and materials where appropriate.

Mathematics is taught mainly through a daily lesson, although where possible we also identify opportunities to apply and develop mathematical skills in other curriculum areas and through our cross-curricular Topic work. 

Maths is assessed half termly using a written test.

Children have access to the on-line resource Mathletics which is tailored to each individuals needs. 

Information on expectations for each year group can be found in the Key Skills link below.

In addition the calculation strategies  explain the progression of calculation skills across the primary age range with examples to show how the children are taught.

Overview of Strategies and Methods KS2

Overview of Strategies and Methods KS1