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Meet the staff:

Picture 1 Mrs S Marshall Headteacher
Picture 2 Mrs C Oldfield, Assistant Headteacher, Turtles Class Y5 / Y6
Picture 3 Mrs C Townsend, Teacher Elephants Class YR/1
Picture 4 Miss K Kinver Teacher Dolphins Class Y2/3
Picture 5 Miss E Sherrell Teacher KS2 Maths
Picture 6 Mrs M Kenway, Intervention Teacher
Picture 7 Mrs S Smith Penguins Class Teacher Y3/4
Picture 8 Mrs S Hanley School Secretary
Picture 9 Mrs K Evans TA General
Picture 10 Miss A Beaman SENCO and SEN TA
Picture 11 Mrs P Austen TA General
Picture 12 Mrs J Baigent TA General / Lunch Time Supervisor
Picture 13 Mrs J Robinson TA General / Lunch Time Supervisor
Picture 14 Ms Robertson TA SEN / Lunch Time Supervisor
Picture 15 Mrs B Stacey Site Supervisor/After School Club