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Welcome to St Germans Nursery

Our friendly village Nursery offers an exciting and vibrant learning environment for children aged 3-4years. Situated in a rural Cornish village, we provide a positive ethos and a warm family atmosphere that welcomes both children and their families to our shared community. We believe that every child should be given the opportunity to develop a love for learning and we promote this through a wide range of engaging learning opportunities that encourage our children's curiosity and creativity. Our kind and nurturing setting enables all children to feel valued and promotes their self-esteem, individual learning styles and independence.



  • To deliver the highest quality of early year’s teaching that takes account of, and responds to, the children’s interests, and developmental needs.


  • To provide positive and fun learning experiences for all children through an imaginative and immersive curriculum which encourages learning that is exciting, valuable, diverse and enjoyable.


  • To inspire and nurture children’s curiosity, creativity and desire to make sense of the world, giving time for their thoughts and ideas, and value to their work, their conversations and their feelings.


  • To provide opportunities for children to undertake new challenges with curiosity and confidence and enable them to persevere and problem-solve in a safe and positive environment which promotes their resilience.


  • To support the children in making the transition to the next phase of their education with enthusiasm and confidence.

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