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Welcome to Penguins Class


Mrs Smith                             Mrs Marshall

The Penguins class is  taught by Mrs Smith  on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Mrs Marshall teaches on Thursday and Friday. 

We are a mixed age class of year 3 and year 4.


PE will be on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. This will take place outside as often as possible so the children will benefit from having navy track suit trousers in their PE kit.  We have a timetabled library session each week where the children are encouraged to choose a book to borrow and bring home to share with you.


A Place for Everything

This unit focuses on grouping animals and plants and the impact of their habitats and environment. Our class trip will be to the Eden Project where we will become explorers

Key questions:

What are vertebrates and invertebrates?

How are animals grouped?

How do we use identification keys?

Why do habitats and environments change?

When and how do humans affect animal and plant habitats?

Where can we see a positive impact of humans on the environment?

Who protects plants and animals?




A Place for Everything

A Place for Everything 1



At the beginning of each half term the children should complete at least three activities from the grid. Written work must be presented neatly in your homework book. Creative work can be presented in any way of your choosing. Homework will be discussed on Fridays, but it will not be necessary to bring in the work until the date on the sheet.


Please find link to the homework grid below:


We will also send weekly spellings home every Thursday which will be tested on the following Thursday morning. Don't forget to logon to Mathletics each week.


Simple ways to make spelling fun

Times Tables

The children need regular practice of their times tables. There will be a weekly focus on a specific table.

By the end of Year 3, children should have instant recall of the following tables:


By the end of Year 4, children should have instant recall of all the tables up to 12x12


Tips for practicing Times Tables

VIP presentations

Why not try these websites:

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Year 4 only: