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Friends are really important to us, especially when we can't meet them

Why not have a go at making a booklet about your friends?

 If you can't print it off then use the ideas from the tiltles on each page to create your own booklet

What is your happy place?

Think about a place that makes you feel very happy.

Is it a real place?

Is it a made up or imaginary place?

Using all of your senses can you explain to someone what you  can see, feel, smell, taste and hear?

Then draw your happy place in as much detail as you can.

Whenever you feel a bit sad, angry, upset or worried you can go to your happy place in your mind for a few minutes.

It may help you to calm down and feel better.

Here are some suggestions, but you probably have lots of your own ideas:

Seaside; mountains; countryside; home; school; a memory; different seasons such as snowy winters; flowers in spring; butterflies; falling autumn leaves; hot summer barbecues; imaginary scenes

Roll 2 dice

Find 2 dice.

Roll them and add the numbers up together

Write an answer to the question by that score

If you can't print it out just write the answers by the numbers in your exercise book