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Spanish lessons

Summer Term 2

This half term, try to learn these new songs to improve your vocabulary.

Then try to use the vocabulary around your home

Also look out for activities linked to the songs over the next few weeks

The Farm - La granja

Use this farm song to start to learn animal names in Spanish

Colouring flags in Spanish

Use your knowledge of colours from last week to colour this flag

Los Colores: The Colours in Spanish Song

How fun and easy the colors in Spanish!

Lesson 1

Lets see if you can remember how to meet and greet people

Have a look at the Powerpoint, then try teaching the greetings to your family

Try and learn the first verse of the meet and greet song or enjoy watching the song link below

Buena suerte (Good luck!)

The Meet and Greet song verse 1

Hola, hola / Hello, Hello - Greeting song in Spanish

This is a fun song for learning greetings in Spanish. Why not try to learn it?.

Lesson 2 What's your name?

See if you can remember how to ask people their name. Look at the Powerpoint. Then you can practice saying hello to members of your family and ask them their name.

Teach them how to answer you. Then sing along with Rosie and Andy!

Rosie & Andy - Como te llamas? What's your name?

Join in with Rosie and Andy and practice asking names!

Lesson 3 revising counting to ten

This week see if you can remember how to count to ten in Spanish.

Work through the power point then sing the song.

Practice counting objects around the house

Counting to 10

Numbers Song in Spanish. Cancion de los Numeros.

Lesson 4

Let's see if you can use your numbers to ten to say how old you are.

Work through the Powerpoint and then have fun singing the happy birthday song

Cumpleaños Feliz - Happy Birthday Spanish Song | Kids Songs [Vocal 4K]

Lesson 5

This week we are going to revise how to say goodbye. Work your way through the powerpoint then practice with your family. Try having a conversation where you say hello and then goodbye

If you are struggling with translation this should help:

¡Hasta luego! See you later

¡Hasta mañana! See you tomorrow

¡Feliz fin de semana! Happy weekend

Lesson 6

Try speaking Spanish at least once a day to your family to make sure you can remember all you have learned

Buenos dias - Jose-Luis Orozco presenta Caramba Kids

Learn this song to practice greeting your friends and family