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Spring Term 2024


Spring 2 - Ancient Greece



This half term, we continue our learning journey by travelling back in time to one of the most powerful civilizations in the history of the world - The Ancient Greeks. 

We will start our learning by looking at the geographical features of Greece, including its location, capital city, mountains and beautiful islands, to the climate, population and Greece's great nature and culture.


Next, we will travel back in time to Ancient Greece and explore what life might have been like in the city of Athens. Were the Greeks really as awful as stories tell? 

We will explore Greek mythology, Gods and Goddesses.  What was day to day life like for the people who lived in this ancient land? 


What conclusions will you draw from the evidence? Was life better in Ancient Greece or today? You decide!


Spring 2 Plan

Homework Grid Spring 2


Science - KIRFS (Key Information Recall Facts)


  • Some materials dissolve in water - this means they break apart into tiny pieces, spread out in the water and can no longer be seen. This mixture is called a solution.

  • Filtering - used when there is a mixture of liquid and an insoluble solid. For example: water and sand.

  • Soluble (will dissolve)

  • Insoluble (will not dissolve)

  • Reversible reaction –this is a change that can be undone.

  • Irreversible - this is a change that cannot be undone.

  • Evaporation - used when there is a mixture of liquid and a soluble solid. For example: water and salt. 

History and Geography KIRFS (Key Instant Recall Facts)


  • Greece is located in Southern Europe between Albania and Turkey. 

  • Greece consists of a large mainland, two smaller peninsulas and a large number of islands. Some of the most well-known islands include Crete, Rhodes and Corfu.

  • The capital city of Greece is Athens with over 3,000,000 people.

  • The climate of Greece is Mediterranean. It has very hot summers and mild winters.

  • 80% of Greece is mountainous. Mount Olympus is Greece’s highest mountain