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Summer Term


Topic Overview

Throughout this topic, children will be learning about rivers in the local area as well as across the globe. They will learn about the water cycle, the structures of rivers and about environmental issues linked with waterways (including flooding, erosion and pollution).



Key Information Recall Facts (KIRFS)


There is always the same amount of water on Planet Earth and it changes from liquid, to gas (water vapour) or solid (ice) and back again as part of ‘the water cycle’.


The water cycle consists of the following processes: evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection.


Rivers collect water and return it to the seas and oceans.


Rivers have three definite stages; the upper course, the middle course and the lower course.


Rivers cause erosion and flooding and this can impact on the communities that live near them.


St. Germans is located by the River Tiddy, upstream from its confluence with the River Lynher.